Classy Runabouts!

Classic Rivas at the Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel
Classic Rivas at the Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel – Photo: Alberto Cocchi

As the Côte d’Azur season is just around the corner, how will you be arriving for lunch this summer? On a classic Riva, admired and loved by all, or perhaps your choice will be the avant-garde VanDutch, a benchmark for modern design and technology?

The legendary models from Riva conjure up nostalgic images of the late fifties and sixties when Brigitte Bardot could regularly be spotted driving hers around the bay of St Tropez. Nounours – her actual yacht which has been fully restored was recently put on the market for sale and is expected to reach in excess of 100,000 Euro – maybe more. Who wouldn’t want to own a little bit of St Tropez history! Thanks to the likes of Bardot and the popularity of the beach clubs at Pampelonne (and the limited number of classic Rivas built), these fabulous style icons have truly endured the test of time! Classic Riva boats remain highly valuable sort after collectables that many a playboy or girl desires, regardless of how many coats of varnish they require each year to stay looking pristine!

The beauty of a classic Riva!

At the opposite end of the scale is the phenomenal VanDutch! First launched in 2008, these unique avant-garde yachts are the product of Dutch design and craftsmanship at its finest. Using the most sophisticated technology, VanDutch have created a sleek, elegant design with all the class you’d expect from a classic but with none of the drawbacks of high maintenance.

VanDutch Style!
VanDutch Style!

The epitome of modern day Riviera chic, VanDutch boats are hugely popular on the Côte d’Azur. Whether you’re being collected from your hotel to whizz around to your trackside yacht to enjoy the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, or if you’re heading for lunch at Plage Mala, or zipping from your house in Port Grimaud for a lazy lunch on Pampelonne Beach, VanDutch boats are just super cool!!

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