5 Reasons Why Every Charter Yacht Needs a Spa Therapist

Angels On Board
Angels On Board

Even if your yacht has a stew/masseuse, there are many reasons why getting a dedicated spa therapist on board is the ultimate luxury experience.

1. You can have a massage every day, whenever you like

Massage and beauty treatments are similar to food on charters – you should be able to have a much as you desire! Having a dedicated spa therapist on board allows you to luxuriate in a treatment every day, whether it’s a massage, a manicure, a beauty facial or a yoga lesson. Instant pampering whenever you wish – it’s the definition of luxury.

2. You will feel like you have landed in Paradise

Imagine drifting into supreme relaxation to the sound of the ocean, as you have your feet massaged on deck. Or the fresh morning sea breeze on your face as you do some gentle yoga stretches on the swim platform. Relax, unwind and get into holiday-mode as soon as you step on board.

3. It will be a perfect balance to the rest of your itinerary

Whether your itinerary is packed with shopping trips and partying, or hiking and watersports, holistic treatments are an ideal way to restore your body. We massage away stresses, aches and pains, leaving you renewed and refreshed to enjoy the rest of your day. We can also help you to balance out the chef’s culinary offerings with a gentle daily fitness or yoga session. Our aim is for you to finish your charter feeling like new.

4. You and your guests deserve the best

Stew/masseuses are unlikely to have as much training or experience as freelance therapists, and have lots of other duties to do on board. A dedicated therapist will be able to focus all their energy on your wellbeing, and will be professionally trained and experienced. On a recent charter, one of our clients wanted to really spoil his guests, so he employed not one but two therapists. In his words: “I don’t know why every yacht charter doesn’t have an Angel on board!”

5. It’s far easier than trying to source local therapists

Picture this – you’re anchored outside St Tropez, it’s August, and after lunch you’d love a massage. You could go ashore, but it’s hot and crowded; getting a local therapist to come on board for an hour in high season is both expensive and logistically challenging. And if you are in a more remote location – forget about it! Having a spa therapist on board for the duration of your trip is convenient, cost-effective, and your guests are guaranteed their privacy.

Angels On Board
Angels On Board

This article was written by Emmeline Gee, Superyacht Charter Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher.

To book a spa therapist, yoga or fitness instructor for your next charter, please contact:

Angels On Board – Tel. +34 628805588 or visit www.angels-on-board.com

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