The 10 Largest Sailing Yachts in the World

Often overshadowed by the huge number of enormous motor yachts being built, the average length of the largest sailing yachts is also ever increasing and for many, it is these beauties with their masts and sails that are the real stars of the sea!

Here’s a countdown of the current 10 largest sailing yachts in the world:

SPIRIT OF THE C'S yacht Perini

10. SPIRIT OF THE C’s – 63.64m – Perini Navi, Italy

SPIRIT OF THE C’s was previously known as FELICITA WEST. She is the second largest yacht ever built by Italy’s Perini Navi, the largest of course being MALTESE FALCON. Designed by Ron Holland, the yacht was delivered in 2003. With a huge beam of nearly 13m, SPIRIT OF THE C’s has huge internal volume with an owner’s cabin occupying the entire beam of the yacht. The yacht’s hull is aluminium and she is capable of speeds in excess of 17 knots, a formidable achievement for a yacht of this size. Following an extensive refit in 2014, this yacht is available to charter in the Caribbean from $165,000 per week.

PILAR ROSSI sailing yacht

9. PILAR ROSSI – 64.35m – Alukraft, Turkey

This very unusual yacht began life as a 33m motor yacht built by Alukraft in Turkey in the late 1980s. The yacht was purchased by Brazilian ex. F1 driver Nelson Piquet, who along with his naval architect uncle decided to convert her into a sailing trimaran. 25m was added to the length of her hull along with outriggers and two huge masts built in the UK. A very unconventional design to look at, but she obviously pleases her owner.

AHIMSA sailing yacht

8. AHIMSA – 66m – Vitters, Holland

The fabulous 66m sailing yacht AHIMSA built by the Vitters shipyard in Holland was delivered as AGLAIA in 2011. Sailing yacht AHIMSA is from the drawing board of Dubois Naval Architects and the yacht’s interiors are by Redman Whiteley Dixon. One of sailing yacht AHIMSA’s unique features is her enormous mast. Being a sloop, AHIMSA required one very tall and technologically advanced mast, that stands over 80m above her decks. AHIMSA also has one of the largest composite rudders ever created.

Sailing yacht Vertigo

7. VERTIGO – 67.20m – Alloy Yachts, New Zealand

At 67.20m, VERTIGO by Alloy Yachts of New Zealand is the largest yacht ever built in the southern hemisphere. The yacht was voted sailing superyacht of the year at the World Superyacht Awards in 2012. Another very popular charter yacht with an exceptional track-record of successful charters.

Sailing yacht Phocea

6. PHOCEA – 75.12m – Toulon Naval Dockyard, France

PHOCEA began life as 1976 as a racing yacht build for French yachtsman Alain Colas. The yacht competed in the Observer Single-Handed Trans-Atlantic Race! In 1986 the yacht was acquired by the French businessman Bernard Tapie who at the time owned Marseille football club. In 1999, the yacht was then sold to Mouna Ayoub, the ex. wife of the owner of the famous motor yacht LADY MOURA. With new designs from respected designer Tim Heywood, Lurssen shipyard in Germany began her conversion to a true luxury yacht. The yacht changed hands again in 2010 but remains a popular charter yacht.

M5 sailing yacht

5. M5 – 78.40m – VT, UK

M5 was launched in 2003 as MIRABELLA V. The yacht was built for Joe Vittoria, former Chairman and CEO of the Avis car rental company and at 78.4m, she remains the largest single masted yacht ever constructed! The yacht’s design is by Ron Holland and she was built by VT on the south coast of England.

Athena sailing yacht

4. ATHENA – 79.25m – Royal Huisman, Holland

ATHENA was built at the Royal Huisman shipyard in Holland. The yacht was delivered in 2004 to Jim Clark, an American businessman that founded Silicon Graphics and Netscape. The yacht was designed to pay homage to the yachts of the 1930s and has achieved speeds in excess of 19 knots under sail. Clark uses the yacht as a support vessel to one of his classic racing yachts!

Sailing yacht EOS

3. EOS – 82.60m – Lurssen, Germany

Very little is known about this yacht. She was built by the Lurssen shipyard in Germany and delivered in 2006. The yacht’s owner is believed to be Barry Diller, an American businessman.

Maltese Falcon yacht

2. MALTESE FALCON – 88.00m – Perini Navi, Turkey/Italy

The iconic MALTESE FALCON is the second largest sailing yacht in the world. She was delivered to her first owner, venture capitalist Tom Perkins in 2006. The yacht is now owned by Elena Ambrosiadou, a Greek hedge fund manager. With her unique rig design, MALTESE FALCON has hit speeds in excess of 24 knots! Another unique feature is a cinema screen on her sails!

Sea Cloud large sailing yacht

1. SEA CLOUD – 96.00m – Krupp, Germany

SEA CLOUD was built in Germany in 1931 as a private yacht for Wall Street broker E. F. Hutton and his wife Marjorie Merriweather. The yacht’s name at the time was HUSSAR II. The yacht has been through numerous ownership changes and in World War II, she was requisitioned by the US Navy. SEA CLOUD is now available for private yacht charters and per cabin cruises.


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