The Esteemed Institution of the Monte-Carlo Country Club

Monte-Carlo Country Club tennis courts view of sea and yachts

Tennis Courts at Monte-Carlo Country Club overlooking luxury yachts in the bay of Monaco

It would be hard to imagine a more spectacular setting for a country club. Set high on the sheer Monaco coastline near the Hotel de Paris, the Monte-Carlo Country Club overlooks the glittering Mediterranean Sea, offering sensational views to players and spectators. All around, palatial villas and majestic apartment buildings cling to the cliffs among the fragrant pines, and cooling sea breezes blow over the club’s courts and stands.

The Monte-Carlo Country Club is rich in history and fame. It has been the home of a grand tennis tournament since the late 1800’s, and has hosted some of the towering names of tennis: Becker, Ferrero and Nadal, to name just a few. Since 2000, this glittering Tournament of Monte-Carlo has become part of the ATP Masters Series and is now called the Rolex Masters: a truly magnificent event on the French Riviera social calendar.

Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters

Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters

The prestigious Monte-Carlo country club offers 21 clay courts and 2 hard courts, arranged in a ‘staircase’ leading down towards the sea. Of these, two of the courts are covered, and 9 are flood-lit.

The MCCC is also home to two squash courts, as well as an array of other activities. Yoga classes are offered on a columned terrace overlooking the sea, and massage treatments in the sumptuous wellness centre and spa. Golf enthusiasts can work on their game, and snooker and bridge are also available. There’s a state-of-the-art gym and (one of the great attractions of this club) a stunning mirrored pool, where you can also take aqua-gym classes and swimming lessons.

Swimming pool at Monte-Carlo Country Club in Monaco

Swimming Pool at Monte-Carlo Country Club

For those wishing to improve their tennis game, or even compete, there are tennis lessons, competitions and tournaments on offer. Afterwards, you might wish to dine at one of the two clubhouse restaurants, or take a cocktail at the bar. The Monte-Carlo Country Club also has a Pro shop onsite.

Monte-Carlo Country Club

Monte-Carlo Country Club

Membership and Prices

Membership at the MCCC is by application with sponsorship, although visitors are also welcome at the club. Some areas, such as the pool, are restricted to those visiting under a member’s invitation. Tennis clothes and shoes suited to clay courts, all preferably white, are required on the courts.

  • A one-time membership admission for those wishing to play tennis begin at €200 for children under 18, rising to €400 for young adults from 18 to 21 years, and €7,000 for adults.
  • If you seek membership but only want to participate in the other ‘leisure sports’ rather than tennis, then the membership admission fee is €4,800. If a second person is joining, the fee will be reduced to €3,000.
  • In addition, annual fees range from €500 per year for those under 18, to €1,355 for adults. There are discounted prices available for students and veterans, as well as a second person.
  • There are day tennis tickets available ranging from €34-€46, and carnets of tennis tickets for seniors, juniors and invitees. There are also day tickets for leisure sports from €24-€30.

For a full range of the Monte-Carlo Country Club’s fee schedule up until September 2016, including pool entry, swimming lessons and massages, please click here.

This article was produced by La Costa Properties.

4 thoughts on “The Esteemed Institution of the Monte-Carlo Country Club

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  3. MCCC technically situated in Roquebrune Cap Martin, so why is it in Monaco? Is it not in France? Is the land leased to Monaco? Clearly a Monaco evenr, but why? Prinec gives out the awards!! Curious to understand.Thank you!!
    Geoff Fernandes


    • Yes indeed the club is located in France but it is owned by the Monegasque state and they control the club and host the tournaments there. Hence Prince Albert as head of state is the owner and patron of the club. The same goes for the Monte Carlo Golf Club in the French commune of La Turbie above Monaco.


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