The most fun toy for superyachts: Reverso

Reverso sailboat super yacht toy

Experience life out on the water in a new way this summer with the fastest, most compact small sailboat ever built: Reverso.

Featuring a unique foldable design, Reverso is handmade in France by a dedicated team using the most advanced technologies. Ultra-lightweight and ready to use in 180 seconds, Reverso folds up into just one square meter and can easily be stored in any garage, storage space or deck. Its small size, measuring 3.40 meters in length, ensures Reverso is the best addition to any superyacht’s array of water toys. Eliminating the need for fuel or gas, Reverso is fun, durable and sustainable.

Reverso folding sailboat sailing

A high-performance dinghy inspired by racing, Reverso can reach speeds of over 16 knots, allowing sailors to fully immerse themselves in their surroundings. Thanks to the powerful rig and flat planning hull that combines lightweight and great control, Reverso is fast yet easy to learn how to use. Able to accommodate two adults or one adult and two children, Reverso is the ideal sailing boat to learn how to sail or to hone existing skills.

“Reverso offers guests the opportunity to understand on a smaller scale how they can navigate themselves and enable them to enjoy their experience onboard their superyacht fully,” says Antoine Simon, inventor and founder of Reverso. “Reverso is straightforward to maneuver. A crew member can accompany the children and show them the ropes, so they can learn easily how to navigate it.” While suitable for new or beginner sailors, Reverso also lets superyacht owners and guests progress as they can practice their sailing skills whenever they wish while out cruising.

Antoine Simon, founder of Reverso

“Superyacht guests will experience the extremely gratifying pleasure of steering a sailboat at the drop of a hat,” adds Simon. Reverso is also the only small sailboat with an integrated cockpit recess for a GPS speedometer. Superyacht guests will be able to track their speed, get instant feedback and optimize their sail trimming while breaking personal records if they choose so. With a sleek, premium design Reverso is coherent with the look, and quality found aboard any superyacht. Built around a culture of excellence from the most technological advance materials, Reverso is designed for longevity.

Winner of the USA Boat of the Year award, Reverso can be shipped to over 25 countries. Supplying leading shipyards of the superyacht industry, including Feadship, Sunreef and Wally. Tried and tested by the in-house team prior to leaving the boatyard in Brittany, Reverso’s logistic facility is based in Nantes, and ships every few weeks to its locations in Europe, the USA and other locations. Offering a unique approach to modern sailing, Reverso is the must-have sustainable toy for any yacht, offering the most sailing fun on the water. “Reverso is the ideal toy and totally in line with the current times and trends. It brings a fascinating new experience for the people who will be on board,” says Simon. Explore the endless possibilities offered by Reverso today.

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