Vilebrequin Swimming Trunks

Vilebrequin Rolling Stones album cover swimming shorts

If you’ve spent any time at all on the Côte d’Azur, either on the beach or by a pool, you’ll have spotted numerous pairs of these fabulously loud and fun swimming trunks! Worn by everyone from children through to the discerning elder gentleman, they are called Vilebrequins and they are incredibly popular on the French Riviera and in all Mediterranean hotspots. Vilebrequin swimming trunks come in loads of fabulously fun and unusual designs and you can’t help but feel happy when you wear them!

Vilebrequin father and son swimming trunks

Vilebrequin are known for their “Father & Son” concept, it is a common sight to see a Father and Son in matching trunks! Vilebrequins are available in a huge range of designs including limited editions. A visit to a Vilebrequin store on the French Riviera is a must!

Vilebrequin turtle print kids swimming shorts

Believe it or not, Vilebrequin shorts do actually come from St Tropez! The company was started in the Riviera hotspot by Frenchman Fred Prysquel, a motoring journalist and photographer in 1971 and has grown today into a highly prestigious global brand with stores in such places as New York, Paris, London and Beverly Hills. And here’s an odd bit of trivia for you if you’re wondering what the name means. Vilebrequin means “Crank Shaft” in French, reflecting Mr Prysquel’s passion for cars!

Vilebrequin navy blue linen shirt

Vilebrequin also make a range of linen shirts, beach towels, beach bags etc. Vilebrequin also produce a full ladies range of bikinis, swimming costumes and clothing. You can find Vilebrequin stores in Monaco, Nice, Juan Les Pins, Cannes and St Tropez or buy them online at





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