SENEQUIER Cafe in St Tropez

The SENEQUIER cafe in St Tropez is one of the world’s legendary people watching locations and a must visit on any St Tropez yacht charter. From June to September each year, this waterfront cafe provides a glimpse into the world of the holidaying superrich for anyone that cares to pull up a seat! Enjoy a sundowner as you watch the glamorous jetset get ready for dinner on the back of their huge yachts. SENEQUIER started in 1887 as a bakery in St Tropez selling the locals their favourite breads, croissants and pastries. It is now a legendary bar, cafe and restaurant open from first thing in the morning until the early hours. Grab one of the unique red triangular tables and enjoy the quintessential St Tropez experience!

SENEQUIER – Quai Jean Jaurés, 83990 Saint-Tropez –

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